Tree Pruning

Mature Tree Pruning

On mature trees, pruning is required to remove dead, broken or dying branches to maintain safety and plant health. Reduction of crown competition and loading areas (ie. Snow, ice and wind) may need to be addressed as well. However, this does depend on species, health and vitality. This pruning type is referred to as crown cleaning.

Conflicts with infrastructure such as structural clearance and low limb height may also require pruning. Arbor Science can also provide care and recommendations regarding aesthetics, balance, and view concerns. Topping will never be advised.

All of our tree pruning options are prescriptive and may vary based on tree health, safety, acceptable standards and customer objectives. There is never a one size fits all approach to tree pruning.

Young tree pruning

A very commonly overlooked aspect of tree pruning is young tree pruning. We can prevent a lot of future tree issues by pruning and structuring young specimens while they are vigorous and quick to compartmentalize wounds. Development of strong scaffold branch systems, reduction of weak unions and proper stem structure can be organized at this time with very little effect on the trees health. And not to mention a significant reduction in cost.

Speciality pruning

Aesthetic and specialty pruning is often desired when tree specimens are the centerpieces of your landscape. Some tree specimens have the structure to be organized into a bonsai appearance. Japanese maples, Hinoki cypresses and some pine trees are very common trees that we structure for this appearance.

Espaliered fruit trees, various topiary types and archway trained trees are all examples of specialty pruning that Arbor Science can provide.

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