Certified Arborist Consultation

ISA Certified Arborist Consultation

A Certified Arborist is a person considered to be an expert in the art, science and care of individual tree specimens. The ISA Arborist certification process consists of formal education, rigorous testing in all facets of tree care or removal along with annual continuing education.

Arbor Science Tree Care can provide on-site assessments and diagnostics for your tree specimens. The diagnostic process starts with the site and soil conditions before we even consider the tree symptoms. Often times tree issues start with an adverse environmental or cultural condition, which lead to pest or pathogen symptoms and signs. Our certified Arborists will think outside the box to understanding and explain the reason for a pest, pathogen or decline and prescribe care based on this information.

Hazard Assessment & Mitigation

Tree safety and structural health are at the forefront of our service. After an accurate diagnosis , assessment and understanding of client objectives we will consider;

  • Species longevity and common issues per environment.
  • Habit, form and height.
  • Proximity to structures and your properties improvements ie. fences, underground systems/utilities, driveways or anything that may be compromised in the event of a failure.
  • Use around the tree. ( frequency and duration people will be in the potential hazard zone )

Aesthetics and perceptive value of said tree. 

Certified Arborist Reports

A certified arborist report is a professional expert opinion of the health or condition of a tree. An arborist report can also provide a detailed understanding of how a site or specific micro-environment may affect a tree.

Arborist reports may be needed for a variety of scenarios including;

  • Municipal permitting or trimming
  • Property development
  • Real-estate transactions and inspections
  • Hazard tree assessment
  • Insurance claims and documentation

Arbor Science Tree Care can also provide expert witness services for legal trials and disputes

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