Tree Preservation

Homeowners feel that tree removal is the only option for problem trees. These decisions are often based on poor information by uninformed tree services and arborists. Trees can cause damage to infrastructure, pose threats due to structural flaws, block light for solar panels, satellites and even gardens but often times tree removal is not the only option.

With safety and health being of our top priority, Arbor Science can offer various different mitigation plans for tree preservation and retention.

Structural Support Systems

Even healthy trees may possess structural defects, these defects can be quite detrimental if left unattended. Our Certified Arborists are extremely skilled at recognizing these structural flaws and developing a management strategy.

Common systems we offer include:

Static cable systems
Cables are supplemental structural supports intended to reduce the risk of failure of weak branches unions and multiple stems. Cables generally consist of extra high strength steel and are attached to bolts installed in the upper crown of a tree.

Dynamic cabling systems
These systems have the same use and intent of support.  However, they also allow natural movement and dynamics in the tree crown. They are non invasive and may be used when decay is present and drilling into stems is ill advised.

Brace Rods
Braces are thread rod that are installed through unions of weak branches and multiple stems to provide more rigid support from torsional (twisting) forces that can occur during inclement weather.They are intended to limit the movement of the supported branches so they are less likely to fail during storms.

Stanchion Supports
A stanchion is a vertical leg or knee brace placed under a large stem or limb when no overhead support is available. A few prize ornamental specimens may exhibit an unusual growth form, over arch, or lean and my require additional. Arbor Science Tree Care will get creative to design and install your support system.

Invasive Root Migration

A common reason for tree removal is aggressive or invasive roots. These roots can cause damage to home foundations, driveways, sidewalks and underground utilities. Although every situation is different, root pruning may be permitted with special consideration of species, health, soil volume, proximity to stem, and size of roots to be pruned. After proper root pruning we can protect the infrastructure with root barriers and deterrents to prevent regrowth of roots into undesired areas.

Girdling Root Correction And Root Crown Excavation

Proper planting, planting depth and poor mulching techniques are increasingly common in urban landscapes.

Proper installation will prevent future health and stability issues.

Girdling roots are a common issue in urban plantings and container grown trees. The root binding(circling roots) that takes place while growing in a container will continue years after planting, often times not being evident until the tree fails in a storm.

The binding effect can girdle (strangle) the main stem restricting vascular movement of nutrients and moisture. This circling effect of large roots will also inhibit the tree’s ability to properly place anchorage roots and may lead to decay below ground.

Proper planting, planting depth and poor mulching techniques are increasing common in urban landscapes

If these issues can be identified and corrected early we can prevent catastrophic failure in the future.

Arbor Science can offer non-invasive root excavation to correct these issue.

Soil Rehabilitation

Soil compaction from construction activity around established trees and modern site development techniques have profound effects on sustainable root development and soil biology. These anaerobic (lack of oxygen) soils are quite antagonistic and generally lack the resources for adequate biological activity.

Although we cannot change the entire soil environment we can improve the area the tree gathers resources. Soil porosity, water holding capacity (excessive or lacking) and organic matter are often quite limiting in urban soils.

Arbor Science can sample your soil profile, offer air excavation, amendments and a soil management plan.

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