Vancouver, WA Certified Arborist

Arbor Science Tree Care

Arbor Science is a locally-owned residential and commercial tree care company, specializing in all facets of professional tree care performed by an ISA certified Arborist in accordance with all industry standards.

Founded on the principle that trees can live, coexist, and even thrive in urban environment, with detailed monitoring and maintenance by an ISA certified arborist. We believe that we can give our trees the organic and natural resources needed to best replicate their natural environment.

At Arbor Science we pride ourselves in our excellent and prompt customer service, with ability to find a balance between client needs, safety, tree integrity, and tree health.

Arbor Science offers free consultation, community and group education, and do it yourself options. We believe that community education and involvement with our natural environment will benefit and preserve our urban forests for future generations to enjoy.

We offer everything from fine pruning to the largest most technical hazard removal, organic fertilizing, soil sampling and amendments, proper diagnostics and treatments. All work performed by Arbor Science is done in accordance with proper industry standards with modern tools and techniques.

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Contact Arbor Science Tree Care today at 360-521-0249, or browse our website for more information about our products and services.

Certified Arborist - Vancouver, WA - Arbor Science Tree Care
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